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Our meeting place will vary at times from Cafe Adobe on I-10 and Silber, or at  SOSA Community Center on the corner of Wirt Rd and Westview.  No cover charge, just a purchase of dinner from under $10.00 available (Cafe Adobe).  

Welcome to join us and bring a friend along.  We appreciate all support  to our RHCIA Team.

 Pol. Adv. by RHCIA

We are pleased to have you as our visitor. The Republican Hispanic Citizens In Action (RHCIA) is Houston’s most active and fastest growing Republican Hispanic Organization. For more than four years RHCIA has been building a foundation of committed individuals interested in conservative government and promoting Republican candidates. Identifying the need for an active grass roots Republican Hispanic coalition our founder Bernadette McLeroy started with a small group in January 2008.

This perseverance and a lot of hard work have translated into a strong and united nucleus of dedicated individuals ready to take The RHCIA to its next level of hyper-growth and activism. Our missions of doing community outreach to recruit new Hispanic Republican voters and candidates leading up to the next election cycle and beyond requires a lot of people. The time to get involved is now. We invite you to join us at our monthly meetings, site and dates announced each month.

Thank you.


Promoting Latino Leadership and Conservative Values

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"The RHCIA Proudly Presents Our Judicial Candidates for 2014!"When it comes to electing our officials, none are as important  as the ones the public are most affected by in their daily lives.Judges can alter an individuals life in very profound ways that can change His/Her life forever. That is why we at the RHCIA offer this series in hopes that you learn a little more about your Candidates.Make the right decision. Make an "informed" decision

Thank you for your support during 2014 and please continue in 2015, we plan on doing great things and making a difference for our community. Join us!